Top 10 places to get Payday loans in Delhi, India

Payday Loans India

Payday loans also referred to as short-term loan or payroll loan is a short-term unsecured loan popularising with time. As the name may suggest, the trend initially began with a local company giving a short amount of loan and being repaid along with the interest once the borrower gets his next month’s paycheck. Well sounds like an interesting concept especially for the bachelors who end up with cash crisis by the end of the month! With time the procedure has advanced with no more being related to your payday. You may borrow and payback your loan irrespective of your payday.

This sounds as the most feasible way of borrowing money, coz for a small amount you obviously would not be running to the bank unless of course, you have a generous friend who offers you money every single time you are in need. The trend finding its place in the metropolitans has found an acceptance in the country capital too. Some places that could help you with your payday loans are mentioned below.

  • Rupeelend :

This payday loan company is part of RupeeLend Group who launched their website in the year 2015. Apart from Delhi this company provides payday loans in other parts of India too. The company promises to provide a 24*7 service, making the application of loan a much simpler process.

The online hassle-free loan application can help you in moments of urgencies and crisis that too for a much shorter period in comparison to the term loans that too without damaging your credit rating. The maximum loan amount may go up to Rs.1,00,000 for a term period of maximum 30 days.

  • Credit Bazzar :

This company provides quick cash loans in India. Apart from Delhi, the company is also based in Bangalore and NCR providing instant loans. With a loan range of Rs.10,000 to Rs.1,00,000 for a period range of 61 days to maximum 90 days. It may take less than 5 minutes as assured by the company.

Credit Bazzar promises hassle-free quick online application which reduces the process complexity manifolds. They assure an immediate transfer to your account

  • IndiaLends :

IndiaLends is a start-up company already making its place in the market. Comprising of experts having an experience of 7-12 years, this company assures an instant loan through easy steps. The company affirms of low rates through simpler online steps, saving you from those age-old tedious stages of loan application. IndiaLends tries to regulate payday loans in India through short dispersal time.

  • Cash Suvidha :

Cash Suvidha is a wing of Usha Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. certified under ISO 9001:2015. They commit to the sustainable growth of their clients and provide them with user-friendly sophisticated instant loan services. They have special services for women too hence, promoting women entrepreneurship and also believe in long-term client company relations.

  • Ujjivan :

Ujjivan started operating as an NBFC in the year 2005 and received an RBI approval on October 7, 2015. Along with a good working environment the company promises to serve its clients to the best of its capabilities.

They also promote entrepreneurship in the weaker sections of the society thus contributing to the Indian economic growth. Ujjivan promises its clients of quality services through an easy application and instant loans.

  • Money in Minutes :

Another RBI registered NBFC in the list is Money in Minutes who provide instant payday loans in India. They have their associations across different parts of the country. With same day disbursement, the client may choose from a range as low as Rs. 5,000 to an amount of Rs. 1, 00,000 with a time relaxation of 2months to 6 months depending on the loan amount.

  • Lendbox :

Lendbox is a money exchange not only for borrowers but also for lenders. You may lend as well as borrow through the medium of this site. All you have to do is register yourself with the Lendbox site and should be over the age of 21 years. Also, they help you track your returns and repayment.

  • Ziploan :

In three easy steps, Ziplan provides you with instant loan services. Along with the website services the company also provides mobile application facility which makes it easier for you to track your loan transactions. Ziplan assures less paperwork and faster loan approvals.

  • Tiny Loan :

The company has been in this profession since the year 1995. The payday loan company makes RBI certified transactions and helps you deal with your mid-month cash crunch. The company keeps the customer experience and comfort in mind and hence makes the procedure of loan applications much faster and easier.

  • Loan Mart :

This company started in 1999 has made its place in the market and is known to have a good reputation. Loan Mart has been serving its customers for over 10 years with financial solutions in their crucial period.

Hence, it is no longer those tedious bank visits. In case of emergency, the payday loans can best help you out of your misery with instant solutions.

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